Feeling "Stuck" Trying To Get Your
Digital Course Published?

A 60 Minute Warp-Speed Coaching Session
Will Get You "Unstuck" In Just One Hour

It all started out so promising.

You had an idea for your digital course. You purchased step-by-step training on how to create, market and sell your course. And you were so sure that in just a few weeks the money would be rolling in.

Then suddenly, it wasn’t so promising. Turns out, making and selling digital courses isn’t as easy as the gurus promised. The tech doesn’t work the way you want, if you can make it work at all. And you have so many questions…you are so unsure if you’re doing things right…yet you have no one to turn to for fast, experienced, professional answers.

That’s where I come in.

Over 144 Digital Courses Made.
15 Years of Digital Course Experience.
Endorsed By The Gurus.

My name is Dave Kaminski and above is a summary of my street-cred in the digital course world.

In a nutshell, I’ve made and marketed more digital courses than all of the today’s “course experts”, combined.  In fact, I routinely work behind the scenes with these experts, because I’m they guy they turn to when they need help.

But look, what I’ve done doesn’t matter. However, what I can do for YOU does matter.

That’s because I’m the guy who can fix the headaches and confusion you’re dealing with and get you unstuck with your digital course.

And I can do it in one hour. Here’s how.

"Dave Kaminski is hands down THE BEST technical specialist around. He's a creative thinker with a solution-based mindset. It never feels like my projects are just a regular tasks for him, instead he takes ownership in a helpful way that make the whole process efficient and seamless. If you get the opportunity to work with Dave, take it!"
Amy Porterfield
Host of Online Marketing Made Easy and creator of Digital Course Academy

The 60 Minute Warp-Speed
Digital Course Coaching Session

Call it a coaching session. Call it a consultation. Call it mentoring. Call it whatever you’d like.

But during this 60 minute session, you and I will get together in an online meeting…one-on-one..where I will answer every question you have and solve every problem you’re facing with your digital course.

Not sure which course platform to use? I’ll tell you what’s best for your specific scenario. Can’t figure out funnels, landing pages, sales pages or paid ads? I’ll set you straight on what to do. Overwhelmed by all the tech? I’ll make the lightbulb turn on in your head. Stumped over what to do or what to use for creating videos?  I’ll make it easy for you. Worried your big course idea will be a flop? I’ll tell you if you’re wrong or right and why.

We can cover anything you want during this hour. Any questions, concerns, uncertainties, struggles, confusion or anything else that’s been weighing on you about your digital course, you’ll have a full hour to lay it on me…one-on-one…where I’ll tell you straight-up what you need to know and do to get instantly unstuck and on your way.

It’s that simple. One hour. Just you and me together online. Where we work through all of the problems and challenges you’re facing with your digital course. At the end of the hour, you’ll have clear direction, you’ll be back on track and you will have dramatically slashed the time it will take you to get your digital course online and selling.

How Much?


For just $250, you can get your personal, one-on-one, 60 minute warp-speed digital course consultation with me.

This deal is exactly what I say it is. There are no upsells, I’m not going to try to sell you anything and I won’t waste your time.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, then be sure to schedule your session right now. My availability fluctuates and I can’t guarantee when and for how long this offer will be available.