Cori Ramsay

Personal trainer - nutritionist

This Is Me

Certified personal trainer. Certified nutritionist. Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition. Helping you build healthier habits. When you feel like giving up, keep going. You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do. Strength comes from doing things you thought you couldn’t. Do something today that your future self will thank you for. Today doesn’t need your excuses. Make it happen. The worst workout is the one you didn’t bother to do. Train insane or remain the same.

Professional Credentials

Certified Personal Trainer (CST)      Certified Strength and Conditional Specialist (CSCS)     ISSA Certified   •  USA Weight Lifting Certified (UWC)      Certified Nutritional Specialist (CNS)   •   CrossFit Level 1 Certified      CrossFit Level 2 Certified      CPR/AED Certified

Clients I Work With

If you’re a male or female, college age and beyond, I work with you. If you’ve suffered traumatic sports related injuries, I work with you. If you are former military, I work with you. If you’re a desperate housewife, weekend warrior or Instagram poser, I don’t work with you.

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LOCATION: Indianapolis, IN

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