I Make Your Digital Course
Tech Headaches Go Away

It's Not Your Fault

Everyone told you how exciting and lucrative digital courses are.  But no one told you what a major tech headache they are.   

No matter if you’re using an all-in-one course platform, building everything yourself in WordPress or just trying to make your video lessons in the first place, you’ll run into tech obstacle, after tech obstacle, after tech obstacle.

In fact, you’ll probably get so frustrated with the tech and lack of support that you’ll want to quit.

But don’t. I can help you.

I’ve been creating and marketing digital courses since 2005, back when you had to invent all of the digital course tech yourself because nothing existed.  I’ve produced hundreds of digital courses and thousands of video lessons.  Digital courses are my specialty.

And I can help you untangle the rats’s nest of tech that you digital course has turned into.

"If you're looking for a tech guru to help you with the overwhelming tasks that can easily derail you from moving forward with the important work of course creation and launching, USE DAVE. He's my go-to guy and your project will be done with excellence."
Amy Porterfield
Host of Online Marketing Made Easy and creator of Digital Course Academy

I'll Help You One-On-One

or Do It All For You

There are two ways I can help you.

First, you and I can have a video meeting online, one-on-one, where you look over my shoulder as I guide you through the exact steps to get your tech working the way you want.

Or it could be that you’re so overwhelmed by all the tech that you just want someone to take care of it all for you.  In that case, I’ll provide you a turn-key service where I do all of the tech stuff for you.  In other words, you get to focus on what you’re good at and leave the tech headaches to me.

How much do my services cost?  It literally depends on the project.  That means I’ll have to know more about the details of your project before I can give you a quote.

But it’s super-easy to provide me those details.  All you have to do is fill out the form below and we can take it from there.

Here's What To Do Next

Just fill out the form below and hit the send button.

Your message will go straight to me.  It won’t take me days to respond.  And I won’t give you some slick sales pitch, just the honest truth on how I think you should proceed and what the cost might be.

Also, the more details you can provide, the better.  By details, I mean the tech you are currently using (or want to use).  That means the names of the plugins, software, platforms or other tech that are giving you nightmares.

Easy enough? Here’s the form…