7 Dumb Mistakes Smart People Make When Having a Website Built For Their Business

#1 Content Blindness

What In The Heck Does Content Blindness Mean?

Content blindness means that you fall in love with certain website designs without realizing that you don't have the content that would work with those designs.

Repeat after me: content drives design and there can be no design without content.

This is the #1 mistake I see when business owners want a website built – they lack content.

A couple of paragraphs that describes your business is about enough content for one tiny section of a web page. In other words, it takes a lot of content to build a complete website.

So if you find yourself thin on content but really, really want a certain design for your website, ask your website designer to complete the design using dummy or placeholder content. That way you’ll get the design you want and the motivation to create the content you need…as your site won’t be able to go live to the public until you get it done.

Want Me To Build Your Website?

Would you be interested in potentially having me build a website for your business? Well, the next step would be for us to jump on Zoom together and talk about it for a few minutes.

Uh-oh…is that the part where I’ll hit you with some big sales pitch? Nope. We’ll just talk about your project, where I can let you know how much it would cost, how quickly it could be done and answer any other questions you have. No B.S. and no fluff…I’ll just tell you straight up everything you need to know.

Fair enough?

So if you’d like to schedule a quick, 10 minute project call with me, just select the date and time that works best for you below:

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