7 Dumb Mistakes Smart People Make When Having a Website Built For Their Business

#6 Are You Mobile?

You Actually Have 3 Websites

A website being mobile ready or mobile responsive simply means that a website can be viewed properly across all devices...desktop computers, tablet and smartphones. In other words, these days you don't have just one website...you actually have three.

By default these days, any modern website will be mobile ready: that means that “mobile responsiveness” is baked into all the software used to create websites. But that doesn’t mean, by default, that the mobile version of your website will convert as well as the desktop version. 

But first, why is this mobile ready stuff so important? Easy answer. If you’re like most website owners, over 60% of your visitors will be using mobile devices. Understand why this is so important now?

Anyway, even though the software a designer will use to create your website will automatically make your website mobile responsive, all the software is really doing is scaling or scrunching your website down as the device a visitor is using gets smaller and smaller. And often times, that means the gorgeous design of your website on a laptop will end up looking all-out-of-whack on a smartphone.

And website designers tend to be lazy (especially the low priced ones). They are not going to do anything, or very little, to fix this out-of-whack on a smartphone problem. Which means 60+% of your website visitors are going to get frustrated with your website and tap the back button on their smartphone.

The lesson for you is that if you are having a website built for your business, pay particular attention to how your website looks on a smartphone. That means literally look at your website on your smartphone. And if it doesn’t seem right to you, it won’t seem right to your website visitors either, which means you need to have your website designer change it.

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