7 Dumb Mistakes Smart People Make When Having a Website Built For Their Business

#5 Quality Means What?

Is a Web Designer Legit?

It doesn't matter the industry, the market, the product or the service. Quality always has a higher price tag. No one would spend $50 on a hamburger at McDonald's. And five-star resorts don't offer $30 hotel rooms.

You can’t have both: that means you can’t get a high-quality product for a dirt-cheap price. And website design is no different. If you want quality, you’re going to have to pay for it.

But what does quality mean when it comes to website design? It means that your website is custom designed/coded specifically for your business and is not using a buggy, one-size-fits all template. It means great care is taken to make sure that your website looks, functions and converts well across all devices – from desktop computers to smartphones. And it means that you never have to worry about anything going wrong with your website, because the designer is always there to handle any problems that arise.

It also means that the designer has invested a considerable amount of time in making your website come to life…and in the exact way that you wanted.

Which leads to the question of how do you know if a website designer is legit or not? Obviously, you could look at their portfolio, reviews and so on…but all of those things can be faked. So really the best quick-and-dirty indicator is the website designer’s fee.

In other words, a website designer charging $300 for a complete website isn’t going to be legit. While a website designer charging $3,000 for the same website will be legit. That’s because they couldn’t get away with charging a high price if their stuff wasn’t top shelf. Just like the $300 designer can’t get away with charging any more because their work is so poor. The public always votes with their money and the best of anything always gets voted to the top.

Quality always has the higher price tag. Always. Remember that. The only question is, how important is quality to you when it comes to your website…a website that you may be relying on to feed yourself?

Want Me To Build Your Website?

Would you be interested in potentially having me build a website for your business? Well, the next step would be for us to jump on Zoom together and talk about it for a few minutes.

Uh-oh…is that the part where I’ll hit you with some big sales pitch? Nope. We’ll just talk about your project, where I can let you know how much it would cost, how quickly it could be done and answer any other questions you have. No B.S. and no fluff…I’ll just tell you straight up everything you need to know.

Fair enough?

So if you’d like to schedule a quick, 10 minute project call with me, just select the date and time that works best for you below:

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