7 Dumb Mistakes Smart People Make When Having a Website Built For Their Business

#3 Platform Problems

What Platform To Use For Your Website

A platform just means what software is being used to run your website. Your site might be plain HTML (if you even know what that means) or it might run on WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Webflow or an endless list of other website platforms.

But here’s the bottom line:¬†after your website is made by a designer and goes live to the public, it’s usually going to be up to you to go into the site and add more pages or edit content. After all, it is your website.

Because of that reality, I always recommend that my clients use WordPress as their platform.

There are many reasons for this, including that WordPress is free, you can use any website hosting service you want, you maintain total control over everything, WordPress is extremely flexible and can be used for virtually any type of business and WordPress powers over 30% of the sites on the Internet, including many of the major sites you already visit.

Opponents of WordPress will point out it’s flaws…and it does have some. Because it is so popular, it is targeted by hackers. Which means it also has to be updated regularly. And WordPress sites can sometimes be slow.

But it’s really the job of a professional website designer to make sure that none of these things become problems for you. That means that your site is locked down to prevent hackers, it automatically updates itself and that your site is speedy.

And again, when it comes time for you to add or edit content on your site, WordPress is easy to use. While WordPress is not perfect, it will give you the biggest bang for you buck. In fact, the web page you’re on right now is powered by WordPress.

Want Me To Build Your Website?

Would you be interested in potentially having me build a website for your business? Well, the next step would be for us to jump on Zoom together and talk about it for a few minutes.

Uh-oh…is that the part where I’ll hit you with some big sales pitch? Nope. We’ll just talk about your project, where I can let you know how much it would cost, how quickly it could be done and answer any other questions you have. No B.S. and no fluff…I’ll just tell you straight up everything you need to know.

Fair enough?

So if you’d like to schedule a quick, 10 minute project call with me, just select the date and time that works best for you below:

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